Name: SALİH KALYON        

Birthday: 1946

Place of birth: AĞRI, TÜRKİYE

Height: 171cm

Eye color :Brown

Hair color white

Education: He did not continue his education after secondary school.

BIOGRAPHY: He was born in Ağrı in 1946. Originally Trabzon, Çaykaralı is. He did not continue his education after secondary school. He came to Istanbul in 1964 at the age of 18 and appeared in movies and TV series as well as theater.

He started acting professionally in Ankara Art Theater in 1964. In 1964, he entered the Ankara Art Theater directed by Asaf Çiyiltepe – Güner Sümer, and entered professional acting with Cahit Atay’s play “Sultan Gelin”. Although he started working with Dostlar Theater a year later, he returned to AST shortly after. Some of the plays he played in “Foot Leg Factory”, “Comet”, “Ward 72”, “Inspector”, “Mine”, “Durand Boulevard”, “Dusty Boots”, “Linch” and “Mother”. In 1976, he founded his own company under the name of Ankara Children’s Theater and continued for 20 years. After a two-year break from theater studies in 1996, in 1999, “Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?” returned to the stages again with his play

He played the role of Sedat in the TV series “Bizimkiler” between 1989-2002. Ankara Art Theater worked in Yılmaz Erdoğan’s group of BKM actors. In 2008, she took part in the entertainment program named “Comedy Shop” with actor Tolga Çevik.


A Sheikh Becomes to Me: Yılmaz Erdoğan – BKM – 2002

Have You Ever Seen a Firefly? : Yılmaz Erdoğan – BKM – 1998

One Peach, Thousand Peaches: (Behrengi) – Ankara Art Theater – 1975

Aladağlı Mino: (Ömer Polat) – Ankara Art Theater – 1975

Dimitrof: Hedda Zinner – Ankara Art Theater – 1974

Mother: (Maksim Gorki) – Ankara Art Theater – 1974

First Liberation (Ergin Orbey) – Ankara Art Theater – 1970

Nafile World (Oktay Arayıcı) – Ankara Art Theater – 1970

Dusty Boots: (İsmet Küntay) – Ankara Art Theater – 1970

House on the Border: (Slawomir Mrozek) – Ankara Art Theater – 1969

Simavnalı Şeyh Bedreddin: (Orhan Asena) – Ankara Art Theater – 1968

Eskici Shop: (Orhan Kemal) – Ankara Art Theater – 1968

Durand Boulevard: (Armand Salcrou) – Ankara Art Theater – 1967

Mine (PLAY): (Fikret Otyam) – Ankara Art Theater – 1967

Keloğlan: Birkan Özdemir – Ankara Art Theater – 1965

Arturo-Ui’s Preventable Climb: Bertolt Brecht – Ankara Art Theater – 1965

Sultan Gelin: Çahit Atay – Ankara Art Theater – 1964

Foot Leg Factory: Sermet Çağan – Ankara Art Theater – 1964

Atçalı Kel Mehmet Efe Rebellion: Ege University Turkish Folk Dance Group – 2011

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