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Date of Birth: DECEMBER 28, 1978

Place of Birth: İSTANBUL

 Height: 164cm

 Eye color :brown

Hair color: black

Education: Graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department.


His full name is Melahat Özgü Namal. He started acting at the Enis Fosforoğlu Theater when he was 14 years old.

Özgü Namal, who received her primary and secondary education at Üsküdar Cumhuriyet High School, graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department. In 1997, she stepped into the stages professionally with children’s plays at Masal Gerçek Theater. In 1998, he was transferred to television with the TV series “Forgive Us, Hocam”

During her conservatory education, she continued her acting career in TV series such as “Karete Can” and “Yeditepe Istanbul”. In 2000, she performed in a private theater called “Theater Fora” in “Apaçık”, “Play Again Sam”, “Side Effects Speeches”, “Kerem” , Took roles in the television films “Havada Bulut”.

Namal, who graduated from the conservatory in 2002, starred in the movie “Sır Çocukları” the same year. She received the “Promising Actress” award at the 14th Ankara Film Festival with this film. She starred in the films “Magic” and “Anlat Istanbul” in 2004. In the same year, he starred in the play “Taking sides” as the same guest actor at the Istanbul State Theater. The character of Elif, which he portrayed in the TV series Valley of the Wolves, was the turning point of his career.

After his exemplary award at the 1st Beyaz İnci TV Awards, he focused on cinema productions, and in 2008, he met with a vision in three films at once. has gained a place of use.

In 2013, Özgü Namal and İbrahim Çelikkol shared the leading roles with Narin character in the series “Merhamet”, written by Mahinur writer Ergun from Hande Altaylı’s novel Kahperengi. While Burçin Terzioğlu, Mustafa Üstündağ, Yasemin Allen, Ahmet Rıfat Şungar bought Turgut Tunçalp, he played the character of Moskof Recep.

TV programs; Big Heads TV, Laughs Let’s See, Competition Marathon.

Özgü Namal, “Are You With Me?” She played with Bülent İnal, Ayşe Tunaboylu, Alican Yücesoy, Vildan Atasever, Emre Kınay, Melisa Sözen in the movie named she.

Receives awards:

2010 – 1. İsmail Cem Television Awards – Best Actress (Drama) (Lady’s Farm 1st Season)

2008 – 6th Pune International Film Festival – Best Actress (Happiness)

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