Birthplace: TOKAT/NİKSAR

Birthday: 30 NOVEMBER 1976

Height: 180

 Eye color: BROWN

Hair color: BRUNETTE

Education: He completed and graduated from Mustafa Kemal University Automotive Department.

Biography: Murat Cemcir, who was born in Niksar district of Tokat in 1976, completed his undergraduate education at Mustafa Kemal University, Automotive Department and graduated from there. Murat Cemcir, who has been living in Istanbul since 2001, also has a sister. Murat Cemcir, who is also interested in horse riding and Wing Chun in his private life, has degrees in Wing Chun. The famous actor also speaks Georgian very well. The actor, who played supporting roles in films such as Takva and Yeraltı, attracted attention with the comedy series Üsküdar’a Giderken and Ramazan Güzeldir, directed by Selçuk Aydemir. She received acclaim for her performance in the movie Çalgı Çengi, in which she and Ahmet Kural were a harmonious duo. He improves his acting with the characters he plays.


2002 World of Secrets / Door of Secrets Fatih Hodja

2005 Takva Mahmut

2006 Police Commissioner Hussein

2006 Pars: Cherry Operation Cargo manager

2008 Gazi Guest Actor

2008 Sacrificial Poor Man

2008 Fifth Dimension (Extinguished Lives Episode) Doctor Kenan

2009 Noble If I Were a Cloud

2009 Ramadan is Beautiful Beggar Tankut

2010 Küstum Flower Hidayet

2010 Instrument Çengi Salih

2011 Going to Üsküdar Oğuz Cemcir

2012 Jobs Powers Himself

2012 Behzat Ç. Salih (Instrument Çengi)

(Episode 60)

2012 Underground Sinan

2013 Wedding Association Çetin

2014 Brother Share Ali Özdemir

2015 Wedding Association 2: Sunnet Çetin

2016 Love of My Life Guest actor

(Part 1)

2017 Instrument Çengi: İkimiz Salih

2018 Our Family is Amazed Gökhan

2018 Pear Tree Idris

2020 Friends from the Neighborhood Mosque Congregation

2020 Father’s Money Niyazi


(2015) 42nd Pantene Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony – Best Male Comedy Actor (Brother’s Share)

(2017) 16th Stars of the Year Award Ceremony – Most Admired Male Actor

(2019) International East-West Golden Arch – Best Supporting Actor

(2021) 4th META Cinema Forum – Best breakout producer

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