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Birthday: 20 AGUSTOS 1974

Place of birth: FATSA ORDU, TURKEY

 Height: 176

 Eye color brown

Hair color is black

Education: High school graduate

Biography: Metin Yıldız was born on 20 August 1974 in Istanbul. He was originally from Ordu Fatsa on his father’s side. Yıldız, the middle child of an official family, is a high school graduate. He started his professional theater life in 1996. After taking roles in many theater plays and TV series, BKM’s adventure started in 2003 with “Vizontele Tuuba”. He is still acting and writing at BKM Mutfak.

Ruhsar, A Bunch Theater, Secret Door, My Ice Cream Gaymak, Crazy Heart, Classroom, Vizontele Tuuba, Heart Eye, Selena, Sacred Carboy, Very Beautiful Movements These are, Joyful Life, Very Movie Movements These are Fire, The King of the World, Death Look Go Metin Yıldız, who took part in productions such as Salih Kuşu, Salih Kuşu, Salih Kuşu, My Ancient Friend, Miracle, Love Again, My Name is Osssman, Miracle 2: Aşk, finally gave life to the character of Nevzat in the movie Miracle 2 Aşk.

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