Original title:KİRALIK AŞK
English Title: LOVE FOR RENT
Also known as:
Sections: 1-69
Broadcast Network: TELEVISION
Publication Period: 2015-2017
Production company:
Director: Metin Balekoğlu, 21-43, for the first 20 episodes. Barış Yöş directed the episodes and Şenol Sönmez directed the series since the 44th episode.
Script writer: MERİÇ ACEMİ
Barış Arduç
Elçin Sangu
Salih Bademci
Expert of the Gospel
Seckin Ozdemir
Honor Büyüktoçu


Rental Love is a romantic comedy series written by Meriç Acemi, a screenplay produced by Ortaks Production. The series, which was screened on Star TV, started in 2015. Three people were found in the director’s chair of the series. The first 20 chapters are Metin Balekoğlu, 21-43. Barış Yöş directed the episodes and Şenol Sönmez directed the series since the 44th episode.

Season 1:
Defne lives and works as a waitress with her grandmother, sister and brother. One day, a businessman named Ömer comes to the restaurant where Defne works. His aunt arranged a meeting with a woman for him. Ömer suddenly kisses Defne to get rid of this meeting. Omer’s aunt Neriman witnesses this event, which becomes a period point for Defne.

Neriman approaches Defne with a surprising proposal. He asks him to marry the person he will specify and then leave that man, and he is ready to give 200000 lira for it. Defne only agrees for 200,000 lira and accepts the offer and receives the necessary money to save her brother.

Defne, who started working as Ömer İplikçi’s assistant, is quite surprised to learn that the man Neriman told her to marry and divorce was the man who kissed her in the restaurant. However, Defne has already made the deal, and she must marry the workaholic Ömer within 6 months and then divorce.

While trying to make Ömer fall in love with him, Defne falls in love with Ömer. Later, Defne again gives 200,000 lira to Neriman. While Ömer and Defne love each other so much, they decide to marry. On the day of their marriage, Defne tells everything to Ömer.

Season 2:
Defne leaves everything behind and sets sail for a new life. Angry with his grandson, Hulusi Dede decides to leave all his inheritance to Defne. Neriman, who learns this, plots a love plot again. She agrees with Pamir, who is her nephew and newcomer to Istanbul, to make Defne fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Ömer sets up a life in Rome that he cannot quite match. Sinan, Ömer’s best friend, wonders about Ömer’s condition and comes to Rome unaware of him. Confessing that he made a mistake between love and pride, Ömer decides to come to Istanbul with the will of Sinan. Unaware of Defne, who works in the office where they rented the ground floor, Ömer meets Defne for the first time after a long hiatus, and events begin to turn in the triangle of Ömer, Defne and Pamir.

Elçin Sangu – Defne Topal
Baris Arduç – Ömer İplikçi
Salih Bademci – Sinan Karakaya
Müjde Expert – Seda Berensel
Seckin Ozdemir – Pamir Marden
Nergis Kumbasar – Neriman İplikçi
Levent Ülgen – Necmi İplikçi
Onur Büyüktopçu – Koray Sargın
Ferdi Merter – Hulusi İplikçi
Ayberk Atilla – Sadri Usta
Devrim Yalçın – Deniz Tranba (guest actor)
Ismail Karagoz – Sukru
Hande Ağaoğlu – Mine
Hikmet Körmükçü – Türkan Topal
Melisa Giz Cengiz – Esra Topal
Kerem Storm – Ismail
Sanem Yeles – Nihan Topal
Osman Akca – Serdar Topal
Ragıp Gülen – Zübeyir Taşçalan
Selin Uzal – Derya
Leaving Players:

Sinem Ozturk – Jasmine Rocks
Melisa Şenolsun – Sude İplikçi
Elifcan Ongurlar – Fikret Gallo (guest actor)
Simge Doğanlar – Ece (guest actor)
Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu – İz (guest actor)
Ozlem Gezgin – Nazlıcan
Ender Sakalli – Vedat

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