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Birthday: 23 December 1959,

Place of birth: DENIZLI, TURKEY

Height: 174

Eye color :brown

Hair color: KUMRAL

Education: To Istanbul Municipal Conservatory


Demet Akbağ was born in 1959 in Denizli. Akbağ, who spent his childhood in Denizli, completed his high school education, which he started in Istanbul Girls High School, at Erenköy Girls High School. She entered the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory in 1982. She started her theater life as an amateur in 1982 after her graduation, and continued with Gönül Ülkü Özcan-Gazanfer Özcan Theater, which she joined in 1983.

   Apart from Beşiktaş Cultural Center (BKM), where he has been working since its foundation, he also worked with theater companies such as Kent Actors, Hadi Çaman, Yeditepe Actors, Ostrich Cabaret, Dormen Theater and Ortaoyuncular. She took part in the series “Bir Demet Tiyatro”, which included many famous theater actors together with Yılmaz Erdoğan in 1997. The “Bus Station”, which also attracted great attention and worked with Yılmaz Erdoğan, “Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?” and she starred in the plays named “Bana Bir Sheikhs Becoming”

  There was a mischievous and mischievous Demet Akbağ in “Very Among Us” broadcast on SHOW TV.

Vizontele, Vizontele Tuuba, Organize İşler, Neredesin Firuze and O … Her children starred in feature films she. Golden Orange with Vizontele; She won the Sadri Alışık and Siyad awards with Neredesin Firuze.

80, graduated from the Visual Arts Theater School. Ferdi Kurtuldu has been involved in many projects since 2003. He was known for his character Jumbo Gökhan, which he gave life in the series Emret Commander in 2005 and 2006.

Among the projects he has been involved in in recent years; Demir in the Ottoman Tokadı series in 2013, Anıl in Bahtiyar Ölmez in 2018, and Hüdaverdi in the series Kimse Bilmez in 2019. Ferdi Kurtulmuş married to Yasemin Kurt in 2012 and became a father in 2013. Couples who have boys named their babies ‘Mete Noyan’


2020 9 Times Leyla
You Are My Goal 2018
2017 Mission Holiday
2017 Honey Sweetie
2016 Görümce
2015 Niyazi Rose Gallop
2015 Rare Life
2014 Alas, Alas 3
2014 Hibernation
2013 Government Woman 2
2012 Government Woman
2011 Alas Alas 2
2011 Liberation Final Stop
2010 Alas, Alas
2008 O … Children
2006 Hanım Hanımcık (Video Film)
2005 Organized Jobs
2005 The Net 2.0
2004 Where Are You Firuze
2004 Vizontele Tuuba
2000 Vizontele
1993 Reverse World
1987 Homoti
1986 Plaintiff


2011 Yeşilçam Awards – Best Actress
2004 Siyad Awards – Best Actress
2001 Antalya Golden Orange – Best Actress
1997 Golden Butterfly – Comedy Artist of the Year
1997 Magazine Journalists Association – Comedy Artist Award
1998 Golden Butterfly – Comedy Artist of the Year
1996 Golden Butterfly – Comedy Artist of the Year
1996 Magazine Journalists Association – Comedy Artist Award
1993 Antalya Golden Orange – Best Supporting Actress
1987 Magazine Journalists Association – Television Star of the Year

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