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Birthday: July 6, 1972

Place of birth: BURSA, TURKEY

Height: 186

 Eye color brown

Hair color is black

Education: Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory Turkish Music Department in 1991


 He was born on 6 July 1972 in Bursa. He discovered his talent for music at an early age. After completing secondary and high school in Bursa Erkek High School, he transferred to Çelebi Mehmet High School in his last year and graduated from there. Demirer, who could not be successful in school life, started to work as a pianist-shunter in nightclubs with the help of his brother. In 1991, he moved to Istanbul after winning the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory Turkish Music Department.

 He performed his first professional stand up show through Uğur Uludağ, the founder of the E.Ş.E.K Theater Group. He was discovered during the musical show he gave in Asos in 1995 and took part in the play “Funny Money” at the Dormen Theater. In the same year, he took the stage with his own performance orchestra named “Ege Kumpanya”.

His meeting with Uğur Yücel during this period was one of the turning points of his life. He discovered his passion for comedy and dropped out of the conservatory and focused on stand-up shows. He performed in many places between 1996 and 1998. He took the recording of his play to Leman Kültür and he took the stage at Leman Kültür in February 1998 with his play “One Person Giant Staff”.

The artist, who played this game on the stage about 1000 times, prepared a television show with the similar characters of the game. The program called “Pirate TV” was shown on the screen 42 episodes. Demirer, whose reputation increased with his television appearances, later took part in projects such as Vizotele Tuuba and Neredesin Firuze. He got his first lead role with the movie “15 Minutes in Low Fire”. He took part in many television series, but he was recognized and loved throughout the country with the character “Volkan”, which he played for 3 seasons in the TV series “European Side”.

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