Place of birth: ADANA
Birthday: DECEMBER 01, 1958
Height: 176
Eye color brown
Hair color: KEL, WHITE
Education: Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences


Altan Gördüm was born on December 1, 1958 in Adana. In 1978, he entered Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. He attended the courses of the Ankara Art Theater (AST) in the 1979-1980 season. Then he worked as a director, actor and trainer for a while at AST.

Altan Gördüm, who lived in İzmir between 1996-2000, joined the staff of the Ankara State Theater with the invitation he received from the State Theater in 2000, from the qualified artist quota. He took part in many plays in Ankara Art Theater.

Altan Gördüm, who founded the acting school named Academy 35 and Half Art House in Istanbul with Vahide Gördüm in 2009, divorced in 2013 from Vahide Gördüm, an actress like him, whom he married in 1991. Gördüm has a daughter named Alize from this marriage.

2010 – 1. İsmail Cem Television Awards – Best Supporting Actor (Kavak Yelleri)
2009 – 14th Sadri Alışık Awards – Best Actor (Revolution Cars)
2020 – Gel Dese Aşk (Sabri) (TV Series)
2014 – Yunus Emre: The Voice of Love (Sarı Saltuk) (Motion Picture)
2013 – Şeytan-ı Racim (Motion Picture)
2013 – Will You Play With Me? (School Principal) (Motion Picture)
2013 – Love Me Like This (Reha) (TV Series)
2012 – Dancing with the Jackals: Patient We Are Dede (Tayyar Abi) (Motion Picture)
2012 – For My Father (Osman) (TV Series)
2011 – Desperate Housewives (TV Series)
2011 – Turkish Passport (Behic Erkin) (Motion Picture)
2011 – Labyrinth (Motion Picture)
2011 – After the Revolution (Worker) (Motion Picture)
2011 – My Dear Father (Come on) (TV Series)
2010 – The Legend of the Owl Kingdom (Turkish Voice) (Motion Picture)
2010 – Spring Will Be Cold (Hasan) (Short Film)
2009 – Love Doesn’t Say I’m Coming (Erdogan) (Motion Picture)
2008 – Devrim Cars (Recep Usta) (Motion Picture)
2007 – 2010 – Kavak Yelleri (Kamil Zeybek) (TV Series)
2007 – The Big Treasure: Book of Secrets (Voice by Ed Harris) (Motion Picture)
2006 – First Love (Zurnacı Ziya) (Motion Picture)
2003 – Life Science (Panzer Emin Hoca) (TV Series)
2003 – An Istanbul Tale (Numan Gerçek) (TV Series)
1999 – 2001 – Snake Story (Kılıç Mehmet) (TV Series)
1999 – Green Road (Turkish Voice) (Motion Picture)
1996 – Kurtulus (Naci Bey) (TV Series)
1994 – Ziller (Motion Picture)
1993 – Pursuit of Evidence (Turkish Voice) (TV Series)
1993 – Goodbye Hope (Motion Picture)
1988 – In Love (Motion Picture)
1983 – Aganta to the Open Seas (TV Movie)
1981 – Gelibolu (Turkish Voice) (Motion Picture)
1975 – Sweet Sweet (Nuri) (Motion Picture)

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